A strong brand identity improves the company value and creates a robust follower base.

It is the totality of people’s perception of your products, services, content mission, and vision.

Your brand personality reflects on all aspects that range from your social media tone & voice to the packaging design of your brand.

Here are a few parameters that will help you define your brand:

1. What Is The Reason Of Your Companies Existence?

When you know the purpose for which your company exists then, you can put in front of people more clearly.

Apple did it by finding the reason for their business existence makes them one of the influential companies in the world.

It is so evident in their advertisement campaigns.

They glorify those who challenge the status quo rather than selling the products.

One of their popular commercial states, “Here’s to the Crazy Ones” in 1977.

All businesses should know what they aspire to create; however, only a few amongst many can do so.

People do not buy because of what you do, but because of the reason that you do it.

Brands should resonate and connect with their concepts of vision and mission.

2. What Is Your Story?

The story is a substantial element in the process of defining your brand.

It possesses the ability to captivate your customers and help them connect with your brand while engaging them.

Emphasize on the hero in your company’s story, and how your business was the reason behind someone’s success.

People need to know how you have helped others to become successful.

The story presents an opportunity to highlight your success stories while you share your vision with your clients.

Subway also stressed on the story of a hired employee.

It was Jared who lost nearly 200 pounds when he was on a diet and just eating at Subway.

He was their spokesperson for almost 15 years.

3. What Challenges Do You Address To Help Your Consumers?

Your audience grievances are one of the chief aspects that you must never ignore.

Always stay alert and speculate if you missed out on any customer pain points or your competitor has missed out that you can fulfil.

Consumers do not purchase until they have thoroughly researched the products or services.

Hence, you need to make a lasting first impression.

Image Source: Canva

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