How Do You Get More Views On Instagram Reel?

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1 min readFeb 1, 2021


Instagram Reels is a new & exciting feature of Instagram and described as a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram by Instagram itself.

How do you get more views on Instagram Reel?

3 Ways To Increase Likes & Views Of Instagram Reels

1. Edit Cover, Music & Filter of Reels

Music, cover, and filter are essential for Instagram Reels for more views.

The Reels cover shouldn’t be a random screenshot but a properly edited picture.

You can select music from the music library or a trustworthy resource.

2. Share to Reels in Explore

It means you are visible to your Instagram users that you never reached before.

Views and likes will come as you attract more through the explore feature.

The reels will be visible on your profile with stories and posts.

3. Increase Instagram Reels Views & Likes.png

It is the most efficient way to expand your viewers to get free Reels views.

More followers mean more views and likes for your Instagram Reels.

You can use any free tool available in the app store to boost your Instagram likes and views.

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