As per the 2019 survey of Gartner approx. 37% of companies are using AI or machine learning.

There is a common belief that AI and ML are only for Market Giants.

It is not true!

Several companies provide AI & ML solutions for SMBs.

As per Intuit® Emergent Research study that SMB’s are already using leading-edge technology, including natural language processing (NLP), ML, and AI.

It is better to adopt the technology rather than getting sidetracked.

Here are the top five ways SMBs are leveraging AI and ML:

  1. Enhanced hiring and retention

Generally, people think of something like IBM’s Watson when they hear words like AI or ML.

However, you don’t need to get tied to costly investments for adoption of new platforms and solutions.

With proper planning, research, and preparation, any business can make a smart choice of transforming into the latest technology-driven company.

Image Source: Canva

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